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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I felt so compelled to write a testimony as I was the biggest sceptic and also the biggest scardy cat when it came to chiropractors. 

Recently I was suffering from severe headaches and was throwing up every day, several times a day. I felt so sick that it was interfering with my day to day life. I had been seeing a dr for several months trying to figure out what was going on. They ran several tests, did MRI’s and lots of blood work to no avail. Towards the end I was pretty much bed ridden with the headaches. 

My boyfriend kept telling me to go to a chiropractor. I refused as I was SO scared of them. I’m talking deathly afraid of them. I had been told how gentle Dr. Chandler was so I finally decided to try. 

I went to see him and explained my fear and he explained everything that he does and showed me the equipment and explained that he used very gentle treatments along with the drop table with people that had fear of the process. He made me feel so comfortable that I went ahead with an adjustment. He examined me and said my atlas was severely out of wack and he adjusted it so gently that it didn’t even bother me. 

I walked out of his office and felt AMAZING. It totally took away my headaches and I was no longer nauseous. What a relief it was. I could turn my head further than I had been able to in years. I went back a couple more times and I have not had any issues since. Then a couple weeks ago my hip started hurting really bad so instantly I thought, I’m going to go see my favorite Chiropractor Dr. Chandler. He did a few adjustments and low and behold...felt amazing. He is such a gentle and caring Dr., I highly recommend him and no longer have fear of getting adjusted. As a matter of fact, I’m growing quite fond of it....and yes.... I admit... my boyfriend was right. Lol 

Thank you Dr. Chandler Linda

Linda D.

I've gone here my whole life and now my wife does. She has more issues with her back than me but has never had any complaints from here.

Ben H.

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